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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IAMRA?

The International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) is a membership organization whose purpose is to encourage best practice among medical regulatory authorities worldwide in the achievement of their mandate - to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards for the profession of medicine.

IAMRA's vision is that everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent doctors.

What are the goals of IAMRA?

The goals of IAMRA are to:

  • Explore potential roles for IAMRA in providing support to members to achieve high standards for the education of doctors through promotion of appropriate accreditation processes.

  • Support and encourage members to develop mechanisms for assuring the continued competence of doctors.

  • Promote and encourage members to share fitness to practice/disciplinary information on doctors proactively.

  • Expand membership and influence, in particular, support developing medical regulatory authorities.

    What is the current and future focus of IAMRA?

    • The diversity and experiences of IAMRA’s membership provides a rich knowledge-base of experts in medical regulation. IAMRA has drawn on these experts to form key committees and working groups whose focal points include:

      • Enhancing patient safety and public confidence in medical regulation, and facilitating international professional mobility, through the timely exchange of relevant and reliable information on physicians; and

      • Developing outreach strategies to facilitate communications and establish relationships with medical regulatory authorities who are not currently part of IAMRA.

    • IAMRA has also developed a 3-Year Programme based on its purpose and vision.

    • IAMRA is further working to expand its collaborations with organizations that have an interest in advancing medical regulation around the world and disseminating best practices.

    Who belongs to IAMRA?

    IAMRA is comprised of medical regulatory authorities and other organizations involved in medical regulation as well as organizations involved in regulating other health professions.

    View the complete list of IAMRA members.

    What are the benefits of being a member of IAMRA?

    When you join IAMRA, you join an international community of organizations that share your commitment to excellence in medical regulation. This community is an important source of support, information, and resources for your organization. Through membership, your organization also can collaborate with international colleagues to shape the future of medical regulation. 

    Membership Benefits include:

    • Opportunities for information sharing and discussion of common problems affecting the regulation of medical practice
    • Participation on working groups, established to address issues critical to the development of the organization and to promote collaboration among the international medical community
    • Notification of relevant conferences and the opportunity to host an event, thereby gaining worldwide exposure for your organization
    • Potential influence on setting medical regulatory standards on a global basis

    What are the types of IAMRA membership?

    IAMRA offers membership at the Member, Partner, and Associate levels, depending on the nature of your organization’s work and involvement in the field of medical regulation. Learn more about our Membership Levels.

    How does my organization become a member of IAMRA?

    Organizations may apply for membership online or by contacting the association's secretariat at:

    400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300
    Euless, Texas 76039
    Phone: + 1-817-868-4006

    Fax:     + 1-817-868-4097

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